Using Waterless Pet Shampoos During The California Drought

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If you are living in California you are probably aware of the severity of the ongoing drought.  Rules and regulations are getting stricter in hopes of  convincing California residents to cut back on water usage.  In some parts of the state they have already ran out of water.  Wells have gone dry, water tables have depleted, and some residents have been left relying on bottled water deliveries to live off of.

Many measures are being taken to cut back on water consumption and reserve as much of the remaining water as possible.  So, what can you do?   What about bathing your pets?  Are there any water conservation methods you could use?

Well I am here to inform you…..YES!!!  Waterless pet shampoos exist and they do a decent job at cleaning and deodorizing your pet’s coat.

Most waterless shampoos work in the same way — you apply it to your pet…

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Waterless Car Wash Startup Donates 5 Gallons Of Drinking Water For Every Wash


Philly-based startup Waterless Works aims to be the Uber of mobile car washes with a social entrepreneurship angle. For every wash, the startup will donate 5 gallons of clean water to WaterIsLife, a charity that provides clean drinking water in Ghana, Kenya and India.

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Its unfair advantage? Waterless car washing.

The founder of Waterless Works is Christopher Caporale, 21, of Haverford, Pennsylvania who is a junior at St. Joseph’s University and is bootstrapping the startup with the help of family, Caporale told Waterless Works claims it saves 38 gallons of water per car wash. In an era of droughts throughout many parts of the country, resource efficiency such as this is a welcome change.

Haverford said Waterless Works has created a mobile app that is currently in test mode, which will eventually allow people to book a car wash from their phone. With plans to start local…

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